Apr 9, 2008

I love Wisconsin!

The fest went great! Our screening was sold out, and the Q and A was slightly less awkward than usual.
We met tons of neat-o filmmakes. Here are my new favorite people:

-The folks from Zero Trooper - F (these guys were rad! I can't wait to see your next project!)

-Sara and Naomi from Twisted; a Ballonametary,

-The dudes and MC Router from Nerdcore for Life

We also saw this great short called "A Very Sunny Morning" by Eric Carter. I totes love it.

Check out our photos from the weekend!
Margot and Henry Do Wisconsin

Also, check out this article I just found in Madison's Daily Cardinal. It lists us as one of the top 12 films to watch for at the festival! SHIT SON, I LOVE SCONNY!