Mar 25, 2007

lazer coffee

Cate, our cinematographer, sent me this awesome link. Turns out, I can predict the future!
laser heats coffee

Mar 21, 2007

Cast and Crew

Margot - Laura Skokan
Henry - Michael Larimer
Male Nurse - John Biemeret
Female Nurse - Jenn Remke
Doctor - Dori King

Director - Rachel Wolther
Producer - Jason Klorfein
Production Manager - Emily Cash
Locations Assistant - Paul Kruse
Production Assistant - Olivia Mascheroni
Production Assistant - Paul Schrodt
Production Assistant - Kevin Douglas
Assistant Director - Nathan Johnson
Cinematographer - Cate Smerciak
Gaffer - Jen O’leary
Assistant Camera - Pam Ryan
Assistant Camera - Tony Williams
Assistant Camera - Daniel Zox
2nd Assistant Camera - Aaron Schneeberger
Best Boy - Christopher Poole
Grip - Erica Hart
Grip - Shannon Camperson
Grip - Malcolm Grey
Grip - Christopher Poole
Production Designer - Sarah Hayden
Production Designer - Max Holste
Art Crew - Jason Chiu
Costume Designer - Diana Theobald
Costume Assistant - Jane Solomon
Sound Designer - Leo Koesterer
Boom Operator - Reed Walker
Editor - Andrew Thomas
Assistant Editor - Eric Choi
Assistant Editor - Jake Spring
Color/ Online Editor - Tyler Roth
Titles - Jackie Doherty
Choreographer/Music Supervisor - Andrew Walker
Casting Director - Kasey McCormick
Casting Assistant - Jane Solomon
Casting Assistant - Thor Rudebeck

About the film

"Margot and Henry Have an Adventure" is a short film directed by Rachel Wolther and produced by Jason Klorfein. It stars Laura Skokan and Michael Larimer. The film was shot on 16mm over six days in Febuary 2007, in and around Evanston Illinois, and was completed as part of classwork at Northwestern University.

The film is an offbeat comedy about two idiot friends. Henry wants to get laser eye surgery so Margot sells her eggs.